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Oct 23, 2012 12:00pm EDT
fleet of autonomous vehicles. three states have legalized them. nevada, florida, and california. we will see if we hear from d.c. today. another stretch of unusual weather all across the country. in northern california, people after a small tornado touched down possibly more than once. funnel clouds spotted also in other areas. the damage was minimal. no reports of injury. the storm system also brought two feet of snow in the sierra nevada mountains. in idaho, ski resorts pin join the first snowfall of the season. this is a video from the resort boise. a welcome sight to business owners and skiers. last snowfall -- good first occurll last year did not until january in that area. >> we have 80-degree temperatures the next couple days. tropical system off the coast weekend and colder air moving in next week. >> a little bit of everything. it's beautiful outside. scattered clouds locally. noaa cougar town there were some showers. it's beautiful right now at beach, a live shot. another shot in fairfax shows skies over st. leo the looking good. some members in the '70s. not much rain. th
Oct 15, 2012 12:00pm EDT
. the 12-mile trip from los angeles international airport to the california space science about 17 hours longer than expected. 10th seeded crawling along right and shops inuses the streets of los angeles. passedttle had to we've poles and trees. -- weave past. it goes on display at the end of e month. >> drivers can expect closures, the mclean metro rail station on the silver line. they are installing a pedestrian that goes across route 123. t's part of the dulles corridor metro rail project. until 5:00 tomorrow morning. we are used to seeing the trees change in this time of year. the season are a in the northern lights. headed there on thursday. activewe have to really now with sunspots, which helped to create the or borealis. -- aurora borealis. if you did not see it, take a this.t exciting thing of the day for me. i caught it on camera. >> gorgeous. the sun rise just before 7:00 this morning. -- surise. enjoy it while it lasts. the sun came up and then it got overcast. we have some showers. degrees right now at reagan national with a dew point of 60. the wind out of
Oct 12, 2012 12:00pm EDT
its home at the california science center where it will be put up right and -- and placed on display. this weakens track work on metro will start later than first planned thanks to the nationals. it could be around midnight or so. what does begin red line trains will single track between rose mayr an-- grovsner and twinbrook. it will not start until after the rush is over to get fans home. in a security warning from leon panetta. he says cyber threats are growing in the country. in what he calls a cyber-pearl harbor. last night leon panetta said attackers and russia, china and iran are attacking systems that guide transportation. >> the internet is open. it is hardly accessible, as it should be. but that also presents a new terrain for warfare. >> he says the pentagon is prepared to take action if america is threatened by a computer assault. 24 members of the air force national guard were able to reunite with their families. this after spending six months training soldiers. welcome home. tonight at 5:00 p.m. -- an inspiring story of a soldier to had to relearn how to be a doc
Oct 8, 2012 12:00pm EDT
mitt romney and i approve this message. >> drivers in california dealing with record prices at the pump. aaa said the state average for a gallon of regular hit $4.65. that is the highest average since june of 2008. that is the average. in some places, drivers pay more than $5 a gallon. >> in our area, gas prices more variable. the average price in d.c. is $3.85 a gallon. that is down 4 cents from one week ago. in maryland, $3.70. >> customers have a new option to help them shop smarter. the retail giant is teaming up with american express offering free global prepaid cards. they will have no minimum balance with no fees. it is said to be an alternative to debit and checking accounts to help customers manage financing its finances. park's scientists -- >> scientists say they are developing a fuel called dilithium. that is the same name from star trek. they hope to use it to fuel the reactor that could cut the time in half free trip to mars. right now, it could take up to eight months one way. >> that is a long time to travel. alexis douglas: i can remember when i was youngnger and..
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4